Desert in israel

An Amazing Trip In Israel Spent With The Bedouin People

The Negev Bedouin are a nomadic and pastoral Arabic tribe. The Bedouin originally come from Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. They are distinctly different from traditional Arabs in their dress, moral code and traditions. The Bedouin graze their herds throughout the harsh conditions of the desert. During the course of generations they have remained on the move in the Negev Desert in israel. Permanent settlements have been established by certain groups and this provides an amazing opportunity for tourists.

Some of the Bedouin communities provide foreigners with the ability to share their culture and history. Visitors are able to enjoy traditional Bedouin cuisine, listen to Bedouin music, ride camels and sleep in authentic tents. The Bedouin men greet the travelers as they enter the village. They are dressed in gowns with long sleeves called jellabiyas and a white headcover called an amaymemma or a smagg. The Bedouin women often wear long dresses and cover their hair with a tarha. They cook a type of bread called fetir over a big fire in a hot pan.

The residents offer visitors a snack including sweet herbal tea, home ground coffee, seasonal fruit and baklava. The visitors then take a camel ride to enjoy the expansive views found in the desert in israel. The camels are not only appealing, they are of critical importance to the Bedouin people. The visitors spend the evenings relaxing on pillows placed around a big round tray filled with traditional foods. This includes a variety of hummus and salads, fetir, chicken, vegetables and rice. Most visitors eat until they are extremely full before learning a new song. They also play a game where coffee beans are ground by the Bedouin. A bitter Arabic coffee is generally served after meals. The night ends gazing at a sky filled with stars before sleeping in a colorful bed placed in an authentic goat's hair tent.


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