Camels in Israel

Camel Fun in Israel

Camel rides are a long-time tradition in the Israeli desert. However, don’t count on finding Bedouin camel drivers in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. These days, it’s the camel ranches who make their profits from camel rides through the Negev desert. The shortest rides are usually about a half hour long. The longest ones can take up a full day.

Here’s a list of top camel ranches in Israel:

-Mamshit, a.k.a. Camel Land. The Kurnab Ranch is located between the Beer Sheva and the Dead Sea. They have a largest herd of trained camels. Their longest rides are about four hours.

-Camel Riders. Located next to Yotvata, this is one of the greatest spots for full camel tours. Their longest rides last all day.

-Genesis Land. Located in the heart of the Judean desert, it’s believed to be the closest imitation of biblical times. They don’t have camels in Israel tours specifically but camel rides are part of the territory. They also provide workshops in other things such as shepherding techniques and making pita bread from scratch.


-Hay (a.k.a. Hi) Park. This is a great place to take your kids as this is more of a zoo than a ranch. It’s in the heart of the Kiryat Mozkin, which is nowhere near the desert. They do offer camels in Israel rides on Saturdays.

-Kfar HaNodkim. This is actually a camel resort but it’s a close neighbor to the Bedouin deserts. They also offer donkey rides. They also hold other Bedouin-related events and offer stays in Bedouin-style lodgings.

-Beerotayim. Located at the edge of the Negev, they offer camel caravan stays for about two days. Their shortest rides are about 20 minutes. Even kids seem to love it. They have party specials twice a year, which includes a DJ.


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